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The current members of Muggnagar are :

*** Count Darcon ***

Count Darcon

Captain and founder of Muggnagar. The main composer and man behind the music and recordings. Plays the keyboards, rythm guitars, sings the main vocals and does the drum programming. Started his career in Diabolical Breed in 1999, created the idea of Muggnagar in 2001. Have contributed in other bands like keyboards in Sacramental Fall.

*** Vexxadorrian ***


This great bassplayer of the north, joined the ranks of Muggnagar in the year 2010 during the work of the Skyggesiden album. He has contributed on bass and drums in other bands like Sidesoeken and Ingen Hensikt.

*** Lord Wictor ***


This awesome guitarplayer joined the ranks right before the ended recording of Skyggesiden in 2010. He did only record the leadguitars for two songs, before the album was finalized. Now he is the main leadforce of the guitars and plays the solos and leads for the future.

Ex members and contributors :

** Simon Larsen **
This great metal artist from bands like Iskald, Utbyrd and others.
Made a guest appearance on Bass on the track Muggnagard on Bauta in 2016.

** Epistemoligus **
Sang a great lot of the backing vocals of the Skyggesiden album in 2010.

** Herr Olzen **
Did some clean vocals on the Doderlein cover back in 2009,
released on the Skyggesiden album.

** Lord Nochmar **
Played the most exellent basstracks of the Vendereiser album in 2009.